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Custom Meat Harvesting & Processing

  • Welcome to 3-D Meats, your local source for custom meat harvesting and processing. Whether you are a full-time farming operation or raise a few steers in the backyard pasture, Leon and Jan Hilty of 3-D Meats has been serving your needs for nearly 40 years!  We specialize in:
  • Beef and Swine
  • Goats and Lambs
  • Bison

Take a look around our site and learn more about us!  We are pleased to offer a simple Ordering Invoice that we can walk through when you are ready to make your order.  Give us a call.

EFFECTIVE October 4 2021

Our prices on Custom butchering will change.


  • Processing will be .55 a lb on Live weight with NO SLAUGHTER CHARGE.
  • Processing will now be .58 a lb. live weight on Divided Sides with NO Slaughter Charge.
  • We will charge .10 a lb. for any weighing or pricing. On Patties will be an additional .49 a lb. If you vaccume seal patties it will be .59 a lb.
  • Longhorns will be .69 a lb. on hanging weight and a 125.00 Slaughter Charge.


  • Processing will be 1.45 a lb. on the Hanging Weight with NO SLAUGHTER CHARGE. This will include all smoking and sausage.  We will include 10# of patties, any amount after will be an additional .99 a lb.
  • Any hog 125# or under will be a flat 175.00.


  • Processing will be .75 a  lb. on the hanging weight.
  • A slaughter charge of 125.00.  Any Bison hanging 800# or more will be 200.00 slaughter charge.
  • Excessive dirt or manure will be an extra 50.00.
  • Patties will be .49 a lb.

A Closer Look at 3-D Meats

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Retail Store & Meat Counter

Our Retail Store and Meat Counter is now open! Check out our fine quality meats, our deli and many other selections including produce, snacks and more!


Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Saturday, 8:00AM to 3:00PM

Closed Sunday.


Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Closed Sunday.

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