Custom Processing

We look forward to serving all of your Custom Meat Processing needs. We are more than happy to discuss your special requests, including selling in wholes, halves, and even quarters.

Call 330-985-0311 or Email with any questions!


  • Processing will be .55 a lb on Live weight with NO SLAUGHTER CHARGE.
  • Processing will now be .58 a lb. live weight on Divided Sides with NO Slaughter Charge.
  • We will charge .10 a lb. for any weighing or pricing.
  • Patties will be an additional .59 a lb bagged. CRYVAC is an additional 0.25 a pound
  • Longhorns will be .79 a lb. on hanging weight and a 125.00 Slaughter Charge.


  • Processing will be 1.55 a lb. on the Hanging Weight with NO SLAUGHTER CHARGE. This will include all smoking and sausage.  We will include 10# of patties, any amount after will be an additional .99 a lb.
  • Any hog 100# or under will be a flat 175.00.


  • Processing will be .85 a  lb. on the hanging weight.
  • A slaughter charge of 125.00.  Any Bison hanging 800# or more will be 200.00 slaughter charge.
  • Excessive dirt or manure will be an extra 50.00.
  • Patties will be .49 a lb.