Our Products

Take a look at the many different products we have in our Retail Store or come in and check them out yourself!

Meat Counter
We offer a variety of fresh beef and pork cuts cut fresh every day.

Deli Counter
We have many deli meats and cheeses from local favorites like Walnut Creek and Troyer’s and even some made here in-house.

Smoked Products
We smoke many products in-house like our snack sticks, hot dogs, bacon and hams and we’re always adding new items.

We make over 15 different flavors of sausage that you can buy in bulk packs, brats, breakfast links, and patties.

We make burgers of all sizes and flavors that go great on the grill.

We have a wide variety of chips that go great with our snack sticks or a barbeque.

We have many drinks from Pepsi products to Joe’s Tea that go great with a pack of our smoked jerky.

Dips, Salads & Spreads
We have a wide variety of dips, deli salads, and spreads that are an essential for any barbeque. We even make some of them in-house.

Sauces, Rubs & Seasonings

We have all the best sauces, rubs and seasonings that go great with any of our fresh cuts.

Desserts & Candies
We have many different cookies, candies and other desserts for a little snack or after you’ve finished one of our stuffed pork chops.

And Much More!
From meat, to veggies, to desserts, we have everything here for you to prepare the perfect meal.

We also have 3D Meats t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more!